November 14 concert + Giving Tuesday

“There was a palpable sense of renewed purpose and energy in this young ensemble…[Loop38] threw down the gauntlet with this difficult opening program.”

Sherry Cheng
Arts and Culture Texas

Today we are right in between our first and second concerts, so I thought I would take the time to recap our November 14 performance: Behind the Scenes – Behind the Sounds. Our brave and curious audience spent their evening with us for a program of works that “explore the physicality of sound and challenge the definition of music itself.” You can read more about the music in Sherry Chang’s wonderful review over at Arts and Culture Texas, but right now I would like to shed a little light on what went into our preparation.

14 hours of rehearsal time: In addition to individual practice time, our artists met for rehearsals in the two weeks leading up to this concert. We were generously given space in both MECA in the Heights and West University Baptist Church. As we mature as an ensemble, the amount of time we need to get inside a new work continues to shrink. However, this time will always be a necessity in order for us to offer quality performances.

Unusual Equipment: This program required a lot of new gear, from the high tech (electromagnetic resonators, surround sound speakers, bass flute and clarinet) to the utterly nonmusical (chains, a tube of super glue). Our conductor Craig even spent one afternoon searching junkyards for the most resonant piece of sheet metal!

Add that to all the fixed expenses of renting a venue, renting the scores, paying our affiliate artists (our core members play for free!), purchasing equipment, and hiring an audio engineer, and this concert came to a total of $3,465.

As it goes with performing arts organizations, ticket sales will never the cost of putting on a show. And for that reason, we are launching a Giving Tuesday fundraiser through the fiscal sponsorship of Fractured Atlas. Over the next two weeks, we aim to raise $4,000. That will be enough to sustain us through the end of this season, and we are looking for your support to get there! Click through to read more about our campaign, and to learn about our upcoming performances.