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Second Saturdays: Nonviolenze

  • Sawyer Yards, Bay 200 2101 Winter Street Studios Houston, TX 77007 (map)
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November Featured Artist: Nonviolenze

About the Project:
As musical ensemble-in-residence for Sawyer Yards, Houston’s own Loop38 is partnering with seven visual artists from the Sawyer Yards community to present workshops, demonstrations, and performances that explore the world of graphic scores. Every Second Saturday, a resident artist will select one of their works of art to serve as that day’s musical score. Curious listeners and contemporary arts lovers will witness the classically-trained musicians of Loop38 turn each visual masterwork into an aural delight.

About the Artist:
Nonviolenze is a one of a kind studio integrating Music, Art & Poetry.

As global citizens we increasingly exist in diminishing territorial and psychological borders. The message of unity in diversity is key to the promotion of peace and stability. Unity must be rooted in the trinity of Nonviolence – in thought, Word and Deed.

The end of all knowledge is the understanding that “We are One”. The bigger picture reveals that planet earth is but a spec of the universe. Further zooming out shows us that the universe is a miniscule part of the grand cosmos. Where then does that leave the argument of differences? Does it really matter?

These concepts are expressed by skillfully integrating poetry, music and painting. This integrated art form empowers the artist to express complex issues and capture the minds and souls of the audience.

Ahimsa Creations LLC. is an integrated music and arts production company formed in 2012. Ahimsa Creations owns the copyrights to over 100 songs, paintings and books. Nonviolenze is a trademark of Ahimsa Creations LLC.

SHRI - Founder of Nonviolenze. Multitalented singer, songwriter, composer & artist working under the brand "Nonviolenze". His musical repertoire includes soft rock, jazz, progressive, alternative rock, jazz fusion and pop.

RANJINI-  Her journey in painting began in watercolors when she was a child.  Ranjini started painting with acrylics in 2004. Her style ranges from conceptual to abstract and she loves exploring different mediums and compositions.  Ranjini's inspirations are sometimes born of visual ideas which she then captures on a canvas. Most of her paintings are a visual expression of the lyrics in Nonviolenze music.

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