Loop38 @ Night Heron: STRANGE~WILD~WEIRD



Jonathan Newman Ok feel good now

Sam Pluta Switches

Nicole Lizée Malfunctionlieder

Angelica Negron Technicolor

Gabriel Kahane Craigslistlieder

George Lewis Anthem

Hey folks, Siggy here…I absolutely cannot believe it’s December and we’re all running around town for “Gigmas Season.” Loop38’s Season Opening concert on November 14th Behind The Scenes-Behind the Sounds was evocative, challenging, and a great success! We usually have some time to breathe in between events but in addition to the holiday shows and end-of-year performances, we had our December Second Saturday at Sawyer Yards event today at 2:30 pm, STRANGE~WILD~WEIRD at Night Heron on Monday night, AND a $4000 fundraising campaign that closes on December 12th!!! We’re busy, ambitious, and if there’s something I can say about my Loop38 colleagues…they go all-out and want to do it well!

So I know you’re thinking “These new music nerds are cool; I’m gonna go to one of these events” right? We’re looking forward to seeing you there and here’s how you can help us fund the rest of our 2018-2019 Season…Click on the button above and check out our Giving Tuesday fundraising campaign! Our generous donors have helped us reach 33% of our goal thus far. I invite you to attend one of Loop38’s upcoming events and I hope you’ll consider supporting the work we do and the rest of our season!

Here’s an awesome writeup on STRANGE~WILD~WEIRD by Ally Smither, our program curator:

Do you like cocktails? Sounds? Laughs? Happy Hour?
Obviously, you do. We definitely do too.
And you know what we love even more? HOUSTON.

Join us at one of Houston’s best bars, Night Heron, for a happy hour program of things STRANGE~WILD~WEIRD. It’s going to be a fun, hour long, program of works that will shock, inspire, and make you laugh. Afterwards, you can catch Night Heron’s weekly SpeedRack practice. Did we mention that it’s happy hour priced cocktails and drinks ~ALL NIGHT~?

Night Heron is Agricola Hospitality’s fabulous bar close to the Menil Collection. The manager is Danny Kirgan; he is not only a veteran of the service industry, but also a trumpet player who has played with the Chicago Civic Orchestra. The program we devised seeks to show our audience that their perceptions about classical music and, especially new music, may be very wrong! As a group, we are all young and excited - this music really reflects that. It encompasses sounds, stories, and energies that are upbeat, exhilarating, and looking forward. Our composers come from a myriad of backgrounds, ethnicities, and genders; the world is incredibly vibrant and multifaceted, so we also seek to be just that.

From the trippy technicolor sound world of Angelica Negron to the wild, raucous, Big Brother-y commands of George Lewis’ “Anthem,” all of these pieces explore sounds that our audience may find closer to the pop music they are accustomed to. You’re doing to hear drums sets, electronics, wild words, and maybe even some references to your favorite movies.  We hope that the combination of this and Night Heron’s welcoming atmosphere will invite our audience to let down their guard and experience music in a new way.

Kick your night up a notch by opening your ears to new sounds in a new space! This is going to make your ears perk up, your body dance, and your brain tingle. Let us take you on a Strange, Wild, Weird journey through the music of George Lewis, Jonathan Newman, Nicole Lizee and MORE all while you sip on one of Night Heron’s vibrant cocktails. Doesn’t sound so bad, does it?